Flutter & Wow Museum Projects creates one-of-a-kind experiences that inform, engage, entertain and connect us with our shared humanity and our place on earth and in the universe.

Powerful Experiences

We believe in the power of exhibits to inspire, to entertain, to educate, and to provoke new understanding. Exhibits bring us closer together — they remind us of our connections and our tangled roots, our common inquiries and our shared dreams.

Inclusive Interpretation

People of all ages, backgrounds and communication styles find meaningful personal connections to an exhibit’s story, demonstration, or effect. Tactile learners, marathon readers, puzzle-lovers and social media obsessives all find avenues to the big ideas.

Custom Design

We have an affinity for tough challenges and deep dives. We make new things. We’re in this to invent new recipes. We are craftspeople, and we cultivate attention to detail. We ❤︎ tradition and technique — but we are well aware of the urgency of the age in which we live.

Some of our clients

"Their ability to synthesize varying perspectives and narratives into one, cohesive space is absolutely remarkable...I cannot imagine working with any other team on this project."

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