Wildlife Playground Exhibits

Life Along the Huron River Concentration and Scavenger Hunt Game, Universal Access Playground at Gallup Park, 2020

Exhibition consultation, design, fabrication and installation

The wildlife playground exhibits, Life Along the Huron River, allow kids of all ages to learn about their environment as they play along Ann Arbor’s Universal Access Playground at Gallup Park. These exhibits cater towards all abilities and learning styles. These signs are also able to withstand weather and child wear and tear.

Life are wildlife playground exhibits that contain two games. The first game is a scavenger hunt, featuring a group of six outdoor, all season, signs. Using the five senses, kids are encouraged to explore the playground for prompts located on the signs. For example, one of the signs encourages the visitor to discover something floating along the river. Then, using a plastic bead located on the sign, the visitor can count how many floating objects they find along the river, during their visit.

Next, explore the concentration game exhibit. Match this unique double-sided game on both sides: one side featuring colorful wildlife illustrations, the other side using more ambiguous silhouettes. Develop visual memory and sharpen cognitive skills, all while learning about Huron River ecology.

Flutter & Wow wanted to design signs that stood on their own, graphically, but also felt part of the existing playground. To accomplish this on the concentration game, we added iconography on the flip pieces that subtly tied parts of the playground structures to our new signs. On the scavenger hunt boards, we designed custom cutout holes in the metal signs. These holes matched the look and feel of preexisting playground materials.

Flutter & Wow designed and fabricated these the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor. For another exhibit that featured a deeper dive into local flora and fauna, click here.