Where the Water Meets the Woods

Belle Isle Aquarium, 2019

Exhibition consultation, planning, fabrication, design, and installation

Where the Water Meets the Woods is an animated video installation housed in what was once a shark tank inside the oldest aquarium in the United States – the historic Belle Isle AquariumBelle Isle, known affectionately as ‘the jewel of Detroit,’ is home to a rare forest ecosystem called the wet-mesic flatwoods. Efforts are underway to preserve this unique forest system and to bring community awareness to how special it is.

Flutter & Wow’s video exhibition is a playful take on how the flora and fauna of the wet-mesic forest interact and change through the seasons. Can you see the fox chasing the squirrel? The duck finding a mate? The beaver gnawing a tree? The leaves changing color? There’s a lot to learn and discover about Belle Isle’s wet-mesic flatwoods in this dynamic, colorful animation!