Interactive Weather Exhibits

The Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania in State College, a whimsical children’s museum, and AccuWeather, the weather forecasting service, called upon Flutter & Wow to produce a suite of interactive weather exhibits for children.

Weather forecasting is a subject matter that stumps even seasoned meteorologists at times. Flutter & Wow broke the concept of weather into three parameters: temperature, precipitation, and wind. From these parameters, interactive exhibits and custom software were born. Weather exhibits for children had to be interactive enough to hold a child’s attention but intriguing enough for parents to get something out of the exhibits, as well.

From the interactive Weather Bubble that allows guests to recreate the movements of the Earth’s atmosphere to Future Forecaster, which lets anyone take on the role of a meteorologist to perform some weather forecasting, there is something for everyone to experience at The Discovery Space. For another example of an interactive children’s museum Flutter & Wow has produced, click here.