Investigate Labs: Community Science Kiosk

The Community Science Kiosk inside the University of Michigan Natural History Museum’s Investigate Labs is an extension of what it means to allow visitors to “do the science themselves.” With the Community Science page, museum visitors take science home with them – whether that is in the form of a water sample kit or perhaps a transcription project on their mobile device! 

Community science, at its core, is all about allowing you, the citizen, to help real-life scientists complete actual scientific studies. The challenge with this project was creating a clean, web-safe interface that allowed the community to peruse projects inside the Investigate Labs without having access to the world wide web.

To remedy this, Flutter & Wow designed a sleek, easy-to-navigate webpage that allows the user to navigate several community science projects by subject matter as well as accessibility. For example, do you want to tackle a science project outside? This kiosk will help guide you. Visitors can take science home whenever they want to with the Community Science page! Flutter & Wow also managed the production of five themed videos for this project so visitors could see community science in action under each theme of exploration.

To see the Investigate Labs Flutter & Wow designed, click here.