Black Forum Records

Black Forum Records is a compelling exhibit at the Motown Museum, in Detroit. It delves into the rich history behind a trailblazing black record company of the same name. Black Forum is rich in carefully-curated historical photographs and album art from Black Forum, a black-owned record company in the 1970’s. Though steeped in the explosive history of the times, this exhibit is a powerful reflection on turbulent times and topics that still resonate today. 

Undoubtably, Black Forum was a trailblazing concept. Not only Motown, but in America. Founded by Berry Gordy of Motown Records, his company was a platform for black expression and education. Particularly, it was an outlet where black voices could be heard. Gordy wanted to prove a point: a black-owned record company could be just as successful as any other company in the music business.

This exhibit puts those voices on full display though a series of audio elements. Spoken word albums, featuring such luminaries as Stokely Carmichael, Elaine Brown, and and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. transport the museum-goer through the times. This elevates the topic of the trailblazing black record company in an interactive, auditory way.

This exhibit was a full design and fabrication job from Flutter & Wow.