Hooked: When Want Becomes Need

Science Gallery Atlanta‘s inaugural exhibition, Hooked, faced addiction and recovery through art and science. Meshing a heavy topic with engaging, interactive exhibits that put Atlanta’s unique local artistic flavor on full display, Flutter & Wow designed a microcosm of addiction and healing that not only engaged the visitor, but shed any cliches of what it meant to be addicted in the process. 

Hooked was a co-curation with the Science Gallery at King’s College, London, borrowing several artworks from latter exhibition. For Atlanta’s exhibition design direction, Flutter & Wow started from scratch, to create a wholly new experience for the folks at Emory University in Atlanta, with whom we worked closely with during this exhibition.

Collating nearly twenty artistic voices to create an exhibition space in an old railroad car lot, we lead the visitor through four chapters of addiction through art and science lenses: euphoria, speed of life, beyond control, and harm to hope. Ultimately, instilling in the visitor that addiction does not discriminate, and touches all lives across the socioeconomic landscape.

Further, we spoke with all of the participating artists individually, to develop a close working relationship and understanding of their individual visions. With this in mind, we became the bridge between the artist and the curatorial team, ensuring the final exhibit we brought to life was as close to the artists’ vision as possible.

We all have habits… but when does that habit become an addiction? Explore this question and more in Atlanta’s inaugural exhibition, Hooked: When Want Becomes Need.

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