Artiodactyl Hall

From local salmon species to impala, the taxidermy exhibit Artiodactyl Hall at the University of Michigan’s Research Museums Center has a little something for everyone to behold. Boasting sixty stunning taxidermy mounts throughout its hallways, discover unique creatures donated by a sole collector.

Previously housed in the Ruthven Building, these mounts found their way into storage. (The building closed for renovations in 2016.) After that, the new state-of-the-art Research Museums Center opened its doors. This new building would serve as the perfect location to house the mounts. However, exhibit consultation and planning was in order to create the taxidermy exhibit. That’s where Flutter & Wow came in.

In addition to thorough planning and consultation, we were also tasked with designing the spatial layout of the specimens and the exhibit labels. For another project we’ve designed for U of M, click here.