Science Gallery Detroit’s first exhibition, Hustle, was an experimental coalescence of science and art exhibit work at its finest. Flutter & Wow executed it all for this show, from exhibit design to installation and production. In addition, we worked with over fifteen artists during Hustle. This curation spanned the globe, and resulted in a one-of-a-kind exhibit that showcased the art of the “hustle”. We created a multimedia experience, but one that also told the story of the theme from several points of view.

But, it all came together in Detroit. 

Science Gallery explained the “hustle” prompt here; “All forms of hustle involve art, science, or a combination of both. Hustle is a multimedia exhibition of interactive works and participatory experiences that examine the many definitions of survival and success.”

Additionally, works included virtual reality, bio-specimens, marching ants, language, mixed media, robotics, and also other interactive and visual exhibits. They all, in one form or another, represent the “hustle”.