Corn Silo Exhibits at Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm

The oldest standing corn silo in the region is going to be converted to exhibit space. It is a challenging room for history exhibits — being, as it is, small, round, and made of brick. Flutter & Wow had previously successfully redesigned the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm in the adjoining dairy barn. In the silo, we are asked to tell a deeper and broader story — to fit ten thousand years of history exhibits in a small space.

It turns out that the silo is a perfect space to manifest one of our favorite pathways into history: multiple multi-disciplinary answers to the question, Where am I standing right now? With a handful of artifacts and compelling graphics, we could lead the visitor on a story of the land, from the perspective of the spot where they are standing. 

Flutter & Wow was determined to fit ten thousand years of history into this small space. The exhibits begin with the geological formation of the Great Lakes peninsulas and continue to a vivid description of the megafauna that thrived as the glaciers receded. 

We researched seven chapters in the history of the spot where the silo stands, and helped develop a collection of artifacts to tell those stories. We engaged experts — in addition to the museum’s own curator and archivist — in Anishinaabe culture, local flora, paleobiology, paleontology, Michigan pioneer history, and livestock silage.

We developed custom mounts for some beautiful and challenging artifacts, including a mastodon leg, a giant beaver skull, Anishinaabe projectile points found on this farm, and a Gunther’s survey chain.

Flutter & Wow helped make history interactive, fun, and inspiring, and we managed to fit ten thousand years of history exhibits into a very small space.