Power of Children: Making a Difference

If we are going to represent the great struggles of the 20th Century with stories that are epic and relatable — that evoke empathy and reflection — we can do so with the lives of three children: Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White. Flutter & Wow designed and built a history children’s exhibit to do that, and it has toured underserved communities across the United States for years.

The Power of Children exhibition has toured museums, historic sites, libraries and non-traditional exhibit venues in small towns and suburbs. A gallery at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis with the same name was the inspiration. Flutter & Wow and the team at Mid-America Arts Alliance sought to take that exhibition’s positive and thought-provoking message nationwide. 

For each amazing biography, Flutter & Wow created an immersive maze of historic objects, recreations, video and other media, interactives and talk-back areas. The exhibit style memorializes the enormous lives of these three children, while also recreating some of their experience.

Anne Frank’s family and roommates come to life in the annex behind the bookcase, where they hid from Nazi forces during World War II. Exhibition visitors can hear the white school children in the lunch hall, through the heat grate — just like Ruby Bridges did — as she ate alone in her classroom during the early days of racial integration. Open Ryan White’s locker, and hear classmates make jeering comments about Ryan’s health. Ryan had contracted HIV/AIDS while being treated for a different disease in the 1980s.

Power of Children is an engaging and empathy-building exhibition with points of entry for people of all ages and learning styles. 

This history children’s exhibit is modular and reconfigurable. Our graphic designs are have depth and clarity, and they include numerous historic photos, original text, and integrated artifacts and interactive elements. Color and historic architectural styles distinguish the three areas, while all elements are united as a memorial to the incredible lives and power of children.