Science Gallery Detroit’s sophomore pop-up art exhibition had to be a big, immersive art and science experience. Over thirty artists and research groups were to exhibit in the grand exhibit hall of the Michigan Science Center. The unifying theme was water, a topic that unites the personal with the societal, the environmental with industrial, natural beauty and pure essence with issues of access and power. 

The exhibit designers would have to unite thirty independent exhibitors into an overarching, immersive whole. Video and sound installations, speculative prototypes, and artworks that defied category, each presented their own demands. Each installation would be custom.

Flutter & Wow developed a relationship with each exhibitor, and worked closely with them to develop their installations and find a way to fit their exhibits together in a way that made conceptual, physical, and aesthetic sense. We constructed a network of spaces laid out like a branching stream. The lighting grew darker, deeper into the space, and the work more contemplative and subliminal.

Science Gallery Detroit is North America’s first node in the global Science Gallery International network. They opened Depth, their second annual exhibition, in 2019. Flutter & Wow also designed and produced Science Gallery Detroit’s inaugural art and science exhibit, Hustle, and its third exhibition, Future Present. 

Science Gallery Detroit is owned and operated by Michigan State University.