Pioneer Family on Van Hoosen Farm

Pioneer Family on Van Hoosen Farm, Rochester Hills Museum, 2019

Museum master planning, exhibition consultation, design, fabrication and installation

Pioneer Family at the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm was a complete museum redesign by Flutter & Wow. The Taylor-Van Hoosen family lived on this farm for several generations. Their story is one about chasing dreams and making history. Flutter & Wow’s job was to make sure visitors of all ages and abilities could come away from the museum feeling like they could do just that.

In the newly designed gallery space, visitors will find interactive activities galore. High-tech designs such as social media inspired feeds light up the gallery. These allow visitors to “like” their favorite photos taken by the Pioneer Family. Bespoke electronic quiz boards and push button interactives additionally allow anyone to access the history-making story of this family in unique and fun ways.

However, low-tech interactives allow for some good, old-fashioned on-the-farm fun. For example, oversized wooden puzzle pieces allow visitors to discover how the city of Rochester Hills changes over time. Flip panels also let museum-goers discover new facts about different kinds of milk. Farm photo backdrops with cutout spaces to put your face in for a selfie additionally let the kids have some photo opportunities. (Photography is encouraged, here!) These mix of interactive designs creates a space for exploration and interpretation that anyone can enjoy.

Without a doubt, walking away, visitors will now be familiar with the place and people of Rochester Hills. For another museum we’ve completely redesigned, click here.