Inclusive History Museum

Pennyroyal Area Museum, Museums of Historic Hopkinsville Christian County, 2020

Exhibition consultation, design, fabrication and installation

Flutter & Wow redesigned the entirety of the Pennyroyal Area Museum in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. This western Kentucky history museum was always rich in the eccentric events about the state. However, it also teemed with controversial topics that we needed to reinterpret.

Themes such as race and a woman’s role in history were subjects we brought to the forefront. Outdated labels of past exhibits needed to better reflect the world changes of 2020 and beyond. Riots, racism and war were still hot-button topics of the 18th and 19th century. (Discover Black Patch Tobacco Wars, the Night Riders, or how the Civil War effected Hopkinsville, respectively.) Flutter & Wow interpreted these tales that were unique to Kentucky into factual labels that now reflect historical truth to any visitor experiencing the museum.

However, for this western Kentucky history museum, the controversy did not stop with social issues. It was also overflowing with stories of the fantastical. From alien invaders to hometown psychic Edgar Cayce, we told the facts and let the visitor decide what truths the past held. For example, we installed “voting” kiosks near some of the more controversial exhibits. This allows guests to drop a wooden nickel into the kiosk to vote on what side of history they think is the truth. Did aliens really invade Hopkinsville? Above all, are the Night Riders heroes, or villains?

Flutter & Wow designed, fabricated and installed all new exhibits. The new displays are fun, interactive and bold, creating a museum experience that appeals to all the senses and has something for everyone. For another full museum renovation we’ve completed, click here.