Michelle Obama stuns Wayne State Uni. students at the Motown Museum

Your mama might tell you not to give up.


The actor, Keegan-Michael Key, might tell you not to give up.


But when Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States, walks into a gallery at the Motown Museum, stuns your group of Wayne State University students and tells you not to give up, it means something.


That’s what happened Tuesday afternoon when Obama, on tour to support her book “Becoming,” stopped by the Detroit museum just hours before her appearance at Little Caesars Arena.


Her brother, Craig Robinson, and Michael-Key, a Detroit native, were chatting about perseverance, drive, college and ambition with 18 young men invited by Obama’s Reach Higher initiative. The young men knew they’d meet with the former first lady’s brother, but had no idea that SHE was coming.


She strode in and — as happens often — owned the room.


“This is supposed to be boys only,” Craig Robinson, vice president of player development for the New York Knicks, said as he swatted at his sister.



“You know how I do,” she replied before taking a seat next to visibly shaken sophomore film student Miles Reuben. “What were you all talking about?”


Michael-Key invited the young men to end their applause and ask questions, and Cedric Mutebi, a junior public health major who chose an academic rather than athletic experience at WSU, dove right in.