Science and Nature Labs

Investigate Labs, University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, 2019

Exhibition consultation, project management, design, fabrication and installation

Step into a real science lab and investigate fossils, or peek through a microscope to observe molecules up close, in these science and nature labs. At the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, the visitor becomes the scientist, with Investigate Labs. Hands-on learning has never been more accessible than in the Nature Lab and the Micro Worlds Lab.

Flutter & Wow gave an identity to both of these rooms, branding them as conceptual cousins, but not twins. Graphically, it’s clear these labs go together. Both represent exploration and play, but clearly have different topics waiting for the visitor to investigate. Each room features a bold graphic vinyl wall mural that plays off its theme. Colors distinguish the rooms, as do bold iconography. However, both rooms combine the factual with the fun to encourage visitors to play and examine.

The Nature Lab features hands-on collections, highlighting specimens from paleontology, zoology, botany, geology, and anthropology. Explore It! boxes encourage interactive exploration as visitors piece together step-by-step activities pertaining to nature. Discover custom labels that Flutter & Wow designed, which encourage deeper learning about both broad and simplistic topics relating to the world around.

The Micro Worlds Lab offers opportunities to use microscopes and lab equipment. Guests are encouraged to explore molecular, cellular, and developmental biology with real scientific equipment. Flutter & Wow also designed custom stands and labels for the molecule models in this room. The molecules help give visual aid to the difficult subject of molecular biology.

We also worked closely with UMMNH staff, managing the project on these science and nature labs. Flutter & Wow created and installed the wall murals, fabricated mounts for artifacts, labeled and installed drawer specimens, designed lab signage, and more. For another project that focused on brand identity, click here.