Art and Science Exhibit: Depth

Depth, Science Gallery Detroit, 2019

Exhibition consultation, planning, design, and installation

Science Gallery Detroit, North America’s first and only Science Gallery, opened its second annual exhibition in 2019. Flutter & Wow designed and produced Science Gallery Detroit’s inaugural art and science exhibit, Hustle. We were proud to return a second time to do the same for Depth. Located at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit, this exhibit featured twice as many artists as the first.

Science Gallery Detroit explained the show prompt as a word that “weaves a narrative, drawn from scientific research and artistic exploration, that invites visitors to consider how we can value the power of water, understand why it brings us joy and life, stop our abuse of it, and wonder about the undiscovered and unknown.”

Above all, this multimedia art and science exhibit invited visitors to explore our complex connection to water. During the exhibition, this translated into curated works that use bold visual elements, dramatic video, audio, and lighting. Interactive and participatory elements were also accessible to all, ensuring there was something for everyone to experience. Along with artworks created by artists and researchers around Detroit, Depth also featured global pieces.

To additionally showcase the theme of water, Flutter & Wow designed the gallery so that lighter topics were front and center, well-lit in the gallery space. In contrast to that, heavier topics that dealt with more controversial themes about water were placed in the back of the gallery, under less light. This created the feeling of depth, of going from the shallows to a deeper, murkier space. Both physically and conceptually, Depth became an immersive space.

Depth exhibited at the Michigan Science Center, 5020 John R St, Detroit, MI from June 8 through August 17, 2019.

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