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What is exhibit design?

“For me, exhibit design is being handed a complex topic, and diving deep into research, swimming around for a while, developing an understanding and finding inspiration, resurfacing, and setting to work mapping information, building an appropriate aesthetic language, and programming the systems that will eventually lead to a public exhibition, an experience in real space that easily communicates to everyone who visits the big ideas, and offers them the opportunity to indulge in whatever details that interest them. Implementation means being the energy that drives all of this to realization. And having fun doing it. In a nutshell!”
-Jason Jay Stevens

When is media appropriate in an exhibition?

“You’re asking about when media is an enhancement to an object or an exhibit, versus the work itself being media-based? Because I think sometimes it can be a hinderance, like when it’s employed for its own sake, as it too often is. But when media is implemented thoughtfully and makes the art or object or programmatic element more accessible, or helps unify the exhibition in some way, and forms a glue, then the answer is obvious. There’s no reason more context can’t be given when the interface is simple, and doesn’t interrupt the act of observation and discovery.”
-Leslie Raymond

What is the art of good exhibit design?

“In 90% of good exhibit design, maybe even more, the design—for however much thought and work went into it— is essentially invisible and only the experience remains. Occasionally, the remainder of good design is both experience as it relates to theme AND design that the viewer is aware of. Knowing when to aspire to one or the other and how to consistently accomplish both is the Art of exhibit design.”
-Brendnt Rae