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Traveling exhibition
NRG! Exhibits, 2008

Research, design and fabrication.
In this timely and green exhibit, visitors are engaged in the topic of sustainability through everyday objects, activities, and technology. The visitor understands his or her role in sustainable practices via the context of the familiar and immediate: choices that I make today have a lasting effect. Numerous interactives provide opportunities for visitors of all ages to connect with the content. Excerpts from the grist.org book, Wake Up & Smell The Planet, are featured throughout.
Flutter & Wow Museum Projects provided design support and fabrication services for this traveling exhibition by NRG! Exhibits.

Traveling exhibition,
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, 2007

Design and fabrication.
Traveling art exhibition of private art collection designed, fabricated and installed by Flutter & Wow Museum Projects.

Traveling exhibition
NRG! Exhibits, 2006

Design and fabrication of exhibit components.

Treasure! is an educational and entertaining exhibition for museums and science centers, exploring the history of treasures and treasure hunting, the technology employed in hunting treasure, as well as the people and personalities that hunt for treasure. Treasure! has seven thematic areas, including underwater treasure, treasures in the attic, buried treasure, gold rushes, protecting treasure, treasure in popular culture, and the modern treasure hunt. A dozen hands-on activities allow the visitor to try tools of treasure hunting and investigate treasures. Special exhibit features include actual artifacts from shipwrecks and other treasure sites.
Flutter & Wow Museum Projects provided design support and fabrication of elements of this 5,000 square feet traveling exhibition.